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A welcoming home for creativity in the north west. Because better things happen when we work together.

It’s a working space, made for creative collaboration. It’s a living gallery.
— Bob Murison


Our house is more than a workspace for us, or a base for our community. It’s a place for big ideas and innovation, a living design workshop. Here, we’ve curated a space that fits us and we’re ready to do the same for you.

The result is a better use of your space, and a better environment for the people within – it’s the difference between the everyday and the inspired, between being drab and being distinctive, between yet another office block and a place to thrive.


Art should be enjoyed. Let loose from behind the velvet rope. Here at the Artistry House, we offer a refreshing space for inspiring art. 

A working building, full of creative people, it’s far from any standard gallery. Yet it’s also open to a creative community, not a private vault for private collections. For events, launches and showings, the doors to the Artistry House are open, putting art where it belongs – on display at home. 


The best work comes when we put our heads together – moments when different fields and crafts, insights and abilities all combine. The Artistry House makes those moments.

With studios and meeting spaces, it’s a workplace in the heart of Preston. But it’s more than a space for hire, a box to put people in while they work. It’s a home for inspiration and art – a space full of light and life, and the centre of our creative community.